The Fogou Episode

About the book

1943: World War II is at a critical point for both the Allies and the Nazis. Two evacuees (Valerie and Harry) from the blitzed cities of London and Plymouth, find themselves in deepest rural North Cornwall, far from the devastating, nightly raids by Nazi bombers. Their social backgrounds are different but they come to share the distress of separation from the style of their previous lives and especially from their fathers, one of whom is reported ‘missing presumed dead’.

Suddenly, their new, tranquil, rural existence is shattered and they find themselves sucked into a vortex of menace which has deadly implications for their country, let alone themselves and their nearest and dearest.

This story reveals an intimate understanding of people, place and period – in particular, of the Cornish moors and of the characters who come from the three generations most directly affected by World War I and World War II.